The PI Mechanical DBox provides connectivity to mechanical dispensers when controlled by a PIcon console or FuelDirect software controller. It contains an individual relay board for each dispenser. The DBox can come in 2 different sizes that depend on the number of hoses. The small electrical box can connect up to 4 hoses, while the large box can connect up to 8 hoses. They can be put together to handle up to 16 hoses.

Feature List

  • Compatible with all PI fuel control devices
  • Simple serial or ethernet interface from controller
  • Individual relay control boards for each fueling position
  • Built-in control to allow line pressuring before opening main valve
  • Uses PI standard mechanical protocol
  • Can read pulses up to $9.990/gallon at 30 gallons/minute with electronic (smart) pulsers
  • Dip switch selections include
    • Penny pulse (Required for preset operations)
    • Volume pulse (0.1 or 0.01 gallon)

See the Brochure for more information about the PI Mechanical DBox.